Agatha Sokolovski


My name is Agatha and I am standing behind of The Blissful Art.
Since I was a nursery child I have considered only two possibilities regarding to my future. I wanted to be a tram driver or an artist –a painter and designer all in one. Hundreds hours that I was spending drawing and painting over and over again, finally decided about my destiny. I have finished Academy of Fine Art with Master Degree of specialties Glass Designer. Then I have started my journey towards The Blissful Art.
I love designing of interiors with great importance to décor, however I like feeling of spontaneity inside of any room to know it is ready to be live in. I like to be sure that anyone will live in great symbiosis with home interior that I create.
I cannot decide if I have one, favourite colour as I love them all, especially bold reds and brave contrast between them. However I like many subtle tones of grayish blues, purples and greens and definitely I adore palette of clear, blue sky and tint of fresh, juicy green after spring rain.
I am not devoted to one style as I am by nature eclectic and free from conventions. I like as much country provincial style and its Shabby Chic as vintage splendor of French boudoir and simplicity of retro style Scandinavian design and some sleek and crisp modern look as well. I even like mix them all.
Emphatically I love wood, chalk paint, transparency of glass and painting at night.


1994 -1999- National Art College in Wroclaw
1999- Designer Diploma
Project of scenery to drama based on Isaak Bashevis Singer's story "The Magician from Lublin"
2000-2006 Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw / Faculty of Ceramics and Glass
2006- Master of Art Degree / completed University studies at the Department of Glass Design


1995- open air painting in Polanica Zdroj
1996- open air painting in Ladek Zdroj
1997- open air painting in Kazimierz Dolny
1998- award in competition for sculptural forms " My Universe" and exhibition in Museum of Medal Art in Wroclaw
1998-apprenticeship in Stained Glass Studio
1999- exhibition in Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw
2001-open air painting in Lubardow
2002- apprenticeship in Glass-house "Violetta" in Stronie Slaskie
2003- apprenticeship in Glass-house in Krosno
2006- apprenticeship in Glass- house in Tarnow
2006- Postgraduate exhibition in "Na Solnym" Gallery in Wroclaw
2009- art glass fair, the Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge.